Single sided

Lapping and polishing is used to achieve a specific surface finish, flatness and parallelism. During the lapping process, revolving flat surfaces abrade the part with a silicon carbide or aluminum oxide. The surface finish is controlled through selection of the proper abrasive, pressure and lapping cycle.

  • Small thin parts are easily handled
  • Thermal distortions are virtually non-existent
  • Clamping distortions are a thing of the past
  • Brittle parts are easy to run because of the gentle grinding action
  • Flatness: 1 Light Band (11.6 millionth of an inch)
  • Parallelism: 0.0001 inches
  • Size Control: ±0.00015 inches
  • Finishes: As low as 4 Ra and 2 or better with our Diamond lap

Double Side Lapping

When both sides of a part can be processed simultaneously, our double-sided lapping machines can achieve flatness, parallelism and micro-finish much faster than single-face lapping systems.

Lapping both sides at the same time means less part handling and less time in the machine.

  • Higher production rates
  • Greater size control: ±0.00001
  • Better parallelism: 0.00001 of an inch
  • Flatness: 0.00001
  • Finish: 5 microinch